Johannes Niederhauser – Heidegger and Technology

This is an abstract for a talk to be given by Johannes Neiderhauser to the society on 21st November 2019.

Date & Time: Thursday 21st November 2019 @ 20:05
Location: Room B01, 30 Russell Square, London, WC1B 5DT
Event Details:

Heidegger is often considered a luddite extremely opposed to developments of modern technology. By his own, often neglected, words Heidegger is not at all against technology. Nor does he consider technology to be demonic or evil. Instead, Heidegger criticises our unquestioned relationship with technology and he does warn that humans might become enslaved to technology. What Heidegger is after with his critique of technology is a more wholesome, less destructive relationship with technology. Less destructive not least to the earth on which humans dwell and which humans are to protect and safeguard. In this talk I will clarify some of the fundamental concepts of Heidegger’s philosophy of technology such as “Gestell” (enframing), the “fourfold” (Geviert), “physis” and “aletheia”.

Johannes studied Philosophy, Politics, and Economics in Italy, the US, and the UK. Having lived in five countries and being multilingual has shaped his understanding of intercultural contexts and teams. He currently leads Strategy of Mind programs in the UK and Europe.

After receiving a PhD from the University of Warwick in 2018 he began teaching philosophy seminars at Birkbeck College London while building a consulting practice in the City of London. Together with Strategy of Mind, Johannes coaches and enables executives and teams to achieve their true and healthy potential.

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