MAP (Minorities and Philosophy)

New post over at NEWAPPS relevant to recent discussion here. I’m leaving Birkbeck this year, but for those who remain this might be interesting to get involved with:

*Post by Chris Scambler*


One thought on “MAP (Minorities and Philosophy)

  1. Please allow me to restate that it is my firm conviction that so-called women’s and minority initiatives have no place in modern philosophy whatsoever (and that is putting my view very mildly). More specifically: 3 out of 6 philosophical blogs on minority issues I find entirely inappropriate. I have the greatest respect for Hannah Arendt, G.E.M. Anscombe, Iris Murdoch etc (female) (infinitely more respect than for I have for the likes of Russell, Mill, Hobbes, Frege et al), and admire Anthony Appiah (black), Wittgenstein (gay), etc, but the respect I have for them is predicated on the fact they are not adamant at pointing out their socio-demographic origins to attract attention: they rely and endure on the strength of what they have to say, the fact that we would not be able to guess their gender, ethnicity, nationality or sexual orientation from merely reading what they have to say. I genuinely wish we would keep these issues well out of philosophy, if only as a sign of respect to the exemplary leading historical lights of this noble tradition, who, I imagine, would be appalled at this amount of petty sectarian posturing that runs disrespectfully counter to the spirit of philosophy.

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